Meet Nathan Ballash

Hello!  My name is Nathan Ballash and I love being creative.  I use my creativity to lead, to problem solve, to have fun, and to grow.  I own and operate my local small business, ballash.s Photography.  As a part of my photography studio I offer a photo booth service which I call “BOOTH222.”

I have always had a strong desire to teach and to share.  One of the best feelings you can have is helping someone else succeed.  That is why I created this this site.  Having creativity and learning how to be creative isn’t just for painters and poets.

Everyone can use creativity:

  • to boost their productivity
  • build better relationships
  • to solve problems
  • to live better
  • to generate income

You can visit this site for regular updates once a week.   Here you will find creative inspiration, positive and encouraging messages, and a glimpse into my own creative processes.  It is my intention to not only share lessons learned through my personal experiences, but also from my businesses.

My wife Coletta and I live a small town that is about a 45 minute drive to Pittsburgh, PA.  We met in high school and we married in 2009.  We lived in downtown Pittsburgh for a few years after our wedding and moved back to the rural area where we grew up.

What else makes me interesting?

  • I am a Christian and with a passion to spread the teachings of Jesus and not religion.
  • I like Apple products, not a 100% fan boy…….well maybe I am.
  • Tattoos.  I have a lot of tattoos.  I like to make the world a bit brighter and more little more colorful!
  • Back To The Future = favorite movie.
  • About 50% of people I know call me Nate.

You can find me on Twitter & Instagram and can get in touch just by sending an e-mail to

Thanks for visiting!

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~Nathan (or Nate)

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